Anzac Day COVID style

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Henry from Kidsfirst Burnham and his big sister Greta, with their poppies and badges.

Craft projects are a great way to get children engaged with ANZAC Day and it's history, especially this year when physical attendance at the Dawn Service isn't an option.

We asked the Kidsfirst Burnham team to give us ideas for things to do that are easy, creative, and involve bits and pieces you might find around the house - give it a go!


STEP ONE: Find an egg cartoon.

STEP TWO: Cut out the cups to resemble poppy flowers.

STEP THREE: Use red paint, crayon or coloured pencil to colour in the cut cups.

STEP FOUR: Ideas for stalks

STEP FIVE: Stick the poppy on the stalk, or onto a round background to make a wreath.

Cooper, from Kidsfirst Burnham, with his fantastic egg carton wreath