Childcare support for Essential Workers

They're the champions helping keep us fed and watered, cared for, supported, safe and secure. Our Essential Workers are needed more than ever - so it's great to see new support measures being put in place for them. If you are an Essential Worker, or you know somebody who is, pass it on!

Essential workers can access new home based care with conditions: Some essential workers will not have existing care arrangements in place, or cannot continue with these previous arrangements. The Ministry of Education has arranged for three licensed home based services to urgently facilitate care and supervision.

The same Public Health rules apply:

  • The person caring for the child becomes part of the self-isolating group

  • This group must remain the same for the whole period

  • The carer must not care for children from other households (other than their own) over the same period

If a child or carer becomes unwell, they must stay at home

Both non-essential workers and essential workers are able to use existing in-home carearrangements, with conditions Families that have pre-existing arrangements in place for in-home care prior to the lockdown coming into effect can continue with these.  

  • The arrangement had to be in place before midnight Wednesday 25 March

  • The carer (and their family) plus the non-essential worker and their family become ‘one’ self-isolation group

  • The self-isolation group needs to be as tight as possible

  • The group must remain the same for the lockdown period